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Weight Loss+

Meadbery’s Weight Loss+ helps you maintain Ketosis – which a natural metabolic state and has many health benefits such as fat burning, boost to the metabolism, and natural detoxification and weight loss.

Country of Origin - India

One Bottle = 60 Caps

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Why Weight Loss+?

A healthy

gives a boost

to our self-confidence

Our confidence gets a major boost when we feel comfortable in our skin. Being healthy is more important that what waist size jeans you wear. Confidence is felt when we are in a healthy shape. However, our busy lifestyle can sometimes pave the way for only small durations to be dedicated towards physical exercises, yoga or indulgence in sports. In such a case, a closely observed diet and supplements made of 100% natural ingredients come handy.

Energy & vitality

keys to

a fast-paced and active life

All of us play multiple roles throughout our day. We are children to our parents, subordinates to some, a boss to a few, a partner, a parent, and hundreds of other minor roles to be played in between. Such a diversified life approach needs a nutrient-rich diet and health supplements to keep the energy and vitality alive

Energy & vitality

keys to

a fast-paced and active life

Factors that affect the body shape

exercise, lack of exercise , extreme exercise

Lack of Exercise

too much alcohol, alcohol

Too much alcohol

junk food,  unhealthy food, unhealthy

Junk food

poor sleep, less sleep,  sleep

Poor Sleep

  • lack of exercise, less exercise, exercise

    Lack of Exercise

  • too much alcohol, alcohol consumption, alcohol, alcohol toxins

    Too much alcohol

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Why Meadbery Weight Loss+?

Weight Loss+ is a revolutionary fat-burner for people who are always on the go, career-oriented workaholics, busy mothers, athletes, and fitness lovers belonging to all age groups.
Meadbery’s Weight Loss+ is made of 100% natural ingredients that facilitate healthy fat loss, contribute to increased mental clarity and alertness, elevates physical performance, reduces stress, suppress appetite, and improves mood, along with promoting overall health.

Fat Blocker & Burner and Detoxifies naturally & safely

  • Garcinia Cambogia - blocks fat production and boosts metabolism
  • Green Tea - reduces body fat
  • Piper Nigrum Extract - helps with digestion and weight loss
  • Green Coffee Extract - helps in weight loss

Revitalises Energy & Mood

  • Green Coffee Extract - energizes and revitalizes
  • Garcinia Cambogia - curbs emotional eating by increasing serotonin level and enhances energy as well as stamina
  • Green Tea - fights off depression
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    No Carb

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How To Use For Best Results?


Take 2 capsules empty stomach


Eat healthy and exercise regularly


Follow for 6 months for best results

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Loss+ is the best way to get your body in ketosis. With consistent use, you will feel reduced hunger pangs, improved mental performance, longer-lasting energy and increasing physical performance.

Meadbery is renowned with its clientele because of our high quality, hand-picked products. Consuming as per the consumption standards written on the label is recommended. However, consulting a physician is advised if you have a medical history.

No. Complete Multivitamin fulfils 100% of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for all vital vitamins and minerals in each capsule.

We recommend you to take two capsules every day empty stomach with lukewarm water. These tables are to be swallowed and not chewed. Consistency is the key to achieve the best results as nutraceutical products need a consistent consumption to deliver the required outcomes.

We recommend you to be consistent with the dosage. Time should be fixed and our supplement should be consumed at the same time every day consistently for best results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Nagendra Gunda

Hello, previously i have used keto. It worked well for me. I want to purchase it now, are you delivering product in these pandemic days or not?

Really Effective

Best thing about Meadbery's Keto supplement is it supresses my diet intake and I feel less hungry which eventually helps in reducing weight. Will definitely order another bottle.


I’ve been using it for a few days and the result so far is good.


Very nice product it work fine and give good results.


t's a good product. And definitely Value for money.
I m using this from last 1. Week. I m feeling changes in my body. I started losing my weight.

Weight Loss+