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Immuno Booster

The immune system is the body’s crucial defense mechanism that helps humans survive through critical times such as recent pandemic. While a healthy diet, physical workout, adequate sleep, and managing stress help your immune system combat less-severe intruders, stubborn microorganisms require more robust immunity.

Country of Origin - India

One Bottle = 60 Tablets

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Why Immuno?



Meadbery’s Immunity Booster houses recommended quantities of all chief ingredients known for their properties to increase immunity. There are innumerable supplements for immunity boost available on the market but seldom offer you real protection because either they don’t contain a required dosage of each ingredient, or they don’t have the right composition of natural immune boosters.


and its types

The immune system can be primarily classified into three categories – the adaptive immune system (also known as acquired), the natural immune system, and borrowed (passive as in a newborn who receives it from the mother) immune system. Over the period, the immunity is likely to get weakened due to plenty of factors from environmental to dietary habit to stressful life to a sedentary lifestyle; hence, one needs to boost the immune system naturally. Weakened immunity cannot withstand microorganisms, and such individuals are prone to contract moderately to severe infections.

Factors affecting the immune system









  • alcohol


  • stress


  • smoking


  • infections


Why Meadbery Immuno Booster?

The raw material ingredients of Meadbery’s Immune Booster are handpicked, and before the final packing, they undergo vigorous testing for their potencies. We use standardized plant extracts and minerals to ensure quality par excellence. The products of Meadbery are easy to consume, and the dosage is easy to remember. The company ensures top-notch quality products with no compromising on their results. Thousands of people worldwide have been using Immune Booster by Meadbery to enhance their defense mechanism to fight not just day-to-day infections but also deadly pandemic like Ebola and SARS. With the goodness of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal system, Meadbery’s immunity-boosting supplements carry easily digestible ingredients (bioavailability). The natural herbal product helps improve the immune system without any unwanted or side effects. To most of the health enthusiasts, the herbo-mineral formula is well tolerated.

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Boosts body’s core immunity

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Improves the body’s cellular health

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Fight against abnormal host tissues

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Keeps body energetic and stronger


How To Use For Best Results?


Take 2 tablets daily


Eat healthy and exercise regularly


Follow for 6 months for best results

Frequently Asked Questions

Meadbery’s Immuno Booster increases the lung elasticity which allows more oxygen to enter your lungs. This helps in effortless breathing. Our supplement has various other positive impacts such as enhanced immune system, better metabolism, increased heart and brain health, and reduced inflammation, among others.

Meadbery is renowned with its clientele because of our high quality, hand-picked products. Consuming as per the consumption standards written on the label is recommended. However, consulting a physician is advised if you have a medical history.

We recommend you to take one capsule everyday post-meal. These tables are to be swallowed and not chewed. Consistency is the key to achieve the best results as nutraceutical products need a consistent consumption to deliver required outcomes.

We recommend you to be consistent with the dosage. Time should be fixed and our supplement should be consumed at the same time every day consistently for best results.

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