After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid
After Alcohol Aid

After Alcohol Aid

For best results, Simply take 1 tablet right after your last drink or before bed. Meadbery After Alcohol Aid works primarily by eliminating the toxins that cause fattiness (like acetaldehyde) in your liver. Tablets taken after consuming alcohol to support your liver & help you feel great the day after drinking.

Country of Origin - India

Feel at least 50% better after drinking – guaranteed.

Feel up to 95% better*

*After a night of drinking, according to our customers, compared to when they drink without After Alcohol Aid.

Keep the fun in drinking

Enjoy alcohol on your own terms — don’t let the fear of hangovers hold you back.

Stay relax in next morning

After Alcohol Aid Designed to support liver when exposed to alcohol and reduce hangover.

Always Proudly

Inside our formula

No mystery ingredients

We only use

After Alcohol Aid was scientifically formulated
to neutralize Acetaldehyde

Zinc, Essential mineral for liver function and health that optimizes your body’s ability to absorb other vital nutrients.

Magnesium Essential nutrient often drained from alcohol consumption. Helps maintain healthy liver function and reduce hangover symptoms

Milk Thistle Optimizes the liver’s detoxifying and cleansing capabilities and acts as an anti-inflammatory to the body.

Chicory Root A powerful pre-biotic that restores liver health, improves intestinal flora and balances blood sugar levels

We never use
(but they do):

Artificial preservatives

Artificial sweeteners


D&C yellow 10

FD&C blue 1

After Alcohol Aid

Our quality standards

One Capsule After Last Drink!


Including raw material testing, in-process testing, finished product testing, and stability testing


Testing by best-in-class third party labs to ensure the highest standards

Developed IN THE USA

Quality ingredients from around the world, products tested and manufactured domestically

Jasvinder singh , punjab

"Meadbery's After Alcohol Aid

For After Alcohol Aid!!
This product helps with the side effects of drinking. I can go on with my day with less struggling like headache, laziness and alertness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Samira sam

Thrive absolutely works! We are a medical family! We do not over drink, but me, especially tend to be very sensitive to the effects of alcohol- headaches are a big one! Being physicians and nurses, we are sceptical, but thought, after reading about Thrive, why not give it a try.It works! We took it like it was directed and, yes... it worked! We have shared this information with friends and family! There are many people that can benefit from the benefits of Thrive after “ a drink too many” at home and not have to wake up feeling horrible! So happy we found it! So far, everyone we have recommended it to that has tried it has liked it as well! It is going on all vacations with us from now on!!!

Jaideep Khanduja

This stuff is fantastic! I admit I was skeptical when I ordered these products. But, old folks that we are (60s), and since neither of us has been drinking alcohol for six months during a weight reduction program, I thought it a good idea to have some on hand for our anniversary trip to Hawaii.My husband went to a local watering hole to hear some music last week, and since he hasn't been there for 6 months EVERYONE offered to buy him a beer...10 beers later he got a cab home, and I insisted he take three Thrive+ capsules, washed down with a scooper of the powder in water. Admittedly, the powder is not the best flavor-wise, but BOY, did it work! In past debauch sessions, he'd take ibuprofen, EmergenC, and tons of water and still sleep for at least 12 hours, waking up feeling like death warmed over. NOT true after taking Thrive+! He was up at 9:30, ready for the day. THAT'S A MIRACLE!We normally do not drink much. It's so good to know that this is on hand for those times we need it.THANK YOU for developing such a great product!


I have the WORST hangovers. I swear mine are worse and different than others. I am nauseous all day long, can't keep food down, and literally the only thing that will make me not nauseous is a hair of the dog, which can be a vicious cycle. I have tried all different products, some mostly are glorified Alka-Seltzer tablets. These are different. I finally found something that if I take it the night after drinking, I wake up not feeling like death in my stomach. These are well worth the money for me.


This product and its makers at Meadbery (Thrive) were granted a patent "(US Patent 9,962,365 B2)" and after researching, reading through their trials, customer testimonials then actually trying the product, it truly works as advertised. I am a skeptic when it comes to buying anything that claims to cure 'hangovers' but with their money back guarantee, I thought 'why not?' I went with the pills and powder, and go with two tablets after a nights out when I can feel the next day might be 'rough' and a scoop of powder. To be honest, the next days after I'm expecting to feel horrible, I feel better than expected and ready to get on with my day. I've experimented with the taking these and not taking them because of the 'placebo' effect, and the days I don't take them I feel it the next day. I'll go with a scoop of powder to 're-hydrate', although it's not the same as taking it before bed, it helps a bit. The only problem I have is the price, however I'm satisfied with the product, the company and happy to support something made in the USA, that has put time and effort in creating something genuine and innovative.Google Patents Abstract (2017-03-21 Application filed by Thrive+ Health Inc.): Compositions and methods for preventing and recovery from detrimental effects of alcohol consumption. Disclosed are compositions, devices, and methods to prevent and recover from detrimental effects of alcohol consumption, including significant undesirable symptoms of a hangover consciously felt by the alcohol consumer, as well as those that may not be consciously experienced. The present technology comprehensively targets multiple negative effects of hangovers. In one aspect, a composition includes dihydromyricetin (DHM); and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). The composition may further include Prickly Pear Extract, Milk Thistle, Ginger Root, Vitamins B, C, and E, electrolytes, and/or sugars. US20170246143A1 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA https://patents.google.com/patent/US20170246143A1/en


I first took this product when a friend let me try it and it worked well, so I decided to purchase some on my own. It arrived yesterday and I took both the pills and powder after a heavy night of drinking. While I still woke up a bit groggy, the primary thing I noticed is that my head felt much better. This did not totally eliminate my hangover, but it definitely mitigated it to the point where I felt like I could go about my day in a reasonably normal fashion. I also felt less dehydrated then normal. In my opinion, this is definitely worth a try. If you don't like it, they will refund ur money.

After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid After Alcohol Aid
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