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Tinosporacordifolia is an herb used in Ayurveda to enhance vitality. It is being researched for a variety of health effects, including its effect on diabetes, glucose metabolism, inflammation, immune system support, and neurology.
Tinosporacordifolia supplementation improves the ability of macrophages, an immune system cell, to consume their targets, though this effect is not immunostimulatory. Supplementation can also ward off allergies. One study suggests Tinosporacordifolia is as potent as Spirulina as an anti-allergic supplement.
Preliminary evidence suggests Tinosporacordifolia may provide benefits for people with diabetes. Supplementation of Tinosporacordifolia can reduce the body’s absorption of sugar-derived carbohydrates, and it may also play a role in reducing the pathologies associated with diabetes, like retinopathy and nephropathy. There is currently no human evidence for these effects.
Tinosporacordifolia may be a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, which means it may raise catecholamine levels. The plant may also contain phytoandrogen, which means it can protect against DNA damage induced by the environment and radiation therapy. Finally, Tinosporacordifolia may have Adaptogen-like properties.

Things To Know & Note

Is a Form Of Immune Booster
Primary Function Allergies and Immunity
Also Known As Guduchi, makabuhay, Amrita, Giloya, Giloe
Do Not Confuse With Bacopa monnieri and Evolvulusalsinoides (combination of the three appears more anti-amnesiac than any pair or single herb) (Lion's mane, rather than lion's tooth which is what dandelion is sometimes called)

How to Take Tinosporacordifolia

Recommended dosage, active amounts, other details

To supplement Tinosporacordifolia, take 1g of a 5% bitters water extract of the stem. The standard dose is 300mg, taken three times a day.
To supplement Amrita Ghrita (Tinosporacordifolia with ghee and ginger), take 10 – 15 g, once a day. This is the traditional Ayurveda dosage.
Tinosporacordifolia should be taken with a meal.