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The Life Changing Power of Consistency

We all have heard the word ‘consistency’ ample number of times. At least enough to know what it means and know when its usage is appropriate. Some words tend to have a positive aura attached to it, while others have negative. Our today’s word – consistency – has a positive aura.

Generally, when we say, we are consistently doing something, we mean it in a constructive way. Now that the word has such a positive impact on our psychology, why not get to the point where all of us embrace consistency in our life, even if it is in just one segment.

The meaning or impact of consistency is not altered by the grandeur of the task. You might be consistently going out for a simple walk in your garden or you might be going for a 5 mile jog every morning, in both cases, you are consistent in something and it will influence your lifestyle somehow.

In everything that you do in your life, being consistent is a must. While there has to be a balance between your personal and professional life, consistency in both is a must as well.

Following a set routine, at least when it comes to those aspects that matter, being consistent can have life changing power. To give you a better insight into what we are trying to convey, let us get onto the life changing power of consistency.


  • Consistency Builds Your Identity:


When you are consistently into something, it becomes a part of who you are, thus shaping your identity. Consistency is the key that helps turn your habits into who you are.

If you write 1000 words every morning, then initially it will become a habit. Gradually, with consistency, it will become a part of your identity.


  • Consistency Gives You A Better Insight Of Yourself:


With a consistent lifestyle, you will get a better insight of yourself. But how exactly is that?

Well, just look at it this way, when you are consistent in your habits, you create an aura around you. This aura can be positive or negative as it totally depends on the nature of your habits.

Now, once you get a streak of wins, you get to know yourself a bit more and do more of what makes you a winner. Thus, better insight.


  • Consistency Increases Willpower:


What is willpower? The control that is exerted by our body, mostly unknowingly, to either push or control something is willpower.

We use it every day. Our willpower is boosted every time we follow a routine, rather than killing time in determining not so significant aspects or questions.

For example, if you take some supplements, then it is better to be consistent in its consumption time, rather than debating over the same question every day. Just pick a time that suits you best, and you will see dual results – increased willpower and better supplement result.


  • Consistency Maintains Your Memo:


All of us have at least a few people who look up to us. It might be your children, your spouse, your subordinates, your superiors, or somebody who admires you. For all these people, you bring about a memo or message about how certain things should be.

For instance, you cannot preach healthy eating unless you do that yourself. Or, you cannot tell people to maintain a healthy body and mind unless you are doing that for yourself too.


  • Consistency Magnifies Skill Level:


Everything that you do consistently is mostly because you want to become better at it. Imagine a runner who runs a couple of times a week. Now, bring into the picture another runner who consistently practices every day.

We all know who is sure to have magnified skill level.


  • Consistency Creates Impetus:


While you might want to have a healthy life, it would not be possible unless you follow healthy deeds. Also, eating healthy once in a while, or exercising a couple of days, or taking your supplements inconsistently will have a similar effect as not doing any of the above.

When a task is done consistently, it creates a cycle that creates impetus.



Consistency is a must is every facet of our life. If it is about professional growth, you have to consistently give your 100% and if it is about personal growth, then you have to keep up your fitness regime, eat healthy, and take the required supplements.

Whatever you do in life, remember to #beconsistent.