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The Evolution of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple trees have been known to exist as early as 1300 BC. However, many claim that apples weren’t actually eaten for thousands of years as they were considered too bitter to be eaten. So instead, they resorted to compressing it to liquid and preserving it until it bubbled.

Ancient records say that Julius Caesar and his men came across the drink in England in 55 BC and happened to like it very much. The use spread with the spread of the empire. It became so famous that farm laborers started receiving a cider allowance! (Which was considered a booze back then!)

For ages, vinegar and apple cider combined had been amongst the favorites of royalty. Historically, apple cider vinegar had been used to cure a variety of ailments such as toothache, mushroom poisoning, and dandruff. Japanese Samurai warriors are said to have drunk it for power and strength.

And everything that goes up comes down. So did apple cider. Its use began to decline as agriculture changed.

But what a comeback it made!

The twentieth century saw the re-rise of apple cider and for better reasons this time. It was significantly used to treat wounds during World War I and the US Civil War.

Major credit for its popularity goes to a book written by Dr. Jarvis in 1958 called ‘Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s Guide to Good Health.’ It was Dr. Jarvis who prompted the idea that apple cider vinegar (ACV) along with honey could be used to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart diseases, among others. He recommended a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with honey on a daily basis to keep yourself fit and healthy.

It was his book and his theories that intrigued many nutritionists and dietitians interest in this age-old liquid. The interest piqued to the point where people themselves started experimenting with the liquid.

As a result of all the extensive experimentation and delving, we have to a point where apple cider vinegar has been inculcated in a wide number of aspects of our lives.

Apple cider vinegar is still used as a drink by many people. However, we are no longer sticking to just the drink. Almost every beauty product has started using apple cider vinegar in its core ingredients. Be it face cleansers, face toners, serums, hair toners, face foams, or correctors – apple cider vinegar has swept the beauty industry off its feet. Many beauty bloggers use ACV in their homemade recipes to enhance their beauty.

It is not just the face and hair, which reflects a positive turn with the consistent use of ACV. Just like Dr. Jarvis wrote, it works wonders for the inside too.


Keeping in mind all the uses mentioned above and effects of apple cider vinegar, it is no wonder that the kings and queens had such flawless skin and hair. Their energy, power, and strength were also at a remarkable level, probably due to this magic drink.

We wonder whether we have actually decoded the millennium-old secret or is there some aspect of it, yet to be discovered.

The evolution of apple cider vinegar has been running parallel to the evolution of mankind. But beautifully the two evolutions have grown with one another and are sure to go a much longer way together.