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How to be Consistent in Your Life

Our life is based on the two kinds of action – consistent and instant. As kids, we had a fixed schedule. We would get up, go to school, come back, go to extra classes, and then call it a day. These were the consistent actions that we did, and how it became a routine to us!

Have you ever noticed how you reach the office even when you are not exactly paying attention on the road? No matter what you are thinking about or how preoccupied your thoughts are, you just find yourself in your cabin somehow. This is because our minds are trained to take the same route every day, consistently.

But not everything we plan to do can be as simple as unconsciously keeping a track of the way.

To be consistent, you have to have a plan. Yes! A plan. You need to know the whys and hows to have a firm grasp on why you are doing what you are doing.

Everything we do has a strong motive behind it. There has to be an incentive behind each of our actions to make it more driving.

Here are 6 ways how you can be consistent in your life, to get your life to oil out to be more productive that it currently is.


  1. Do It Now!


Procrastination comes as easy as breathing to humans. We would, if we could, leave everything to tomorrow, which never comes by the way!

Be it as small as going to see the doctor for a regular check up or as big as dedicating oneself to learning a new language, just get up and do it before the thought trails off. Waiting for too long hampers the mood and essence of the idea which can lead to never getting back to it.


  1. Morning Ritual


The morning is the time of the day when we are at our best. We wake up fresh, feeling all energetic and enthused to work towards making the day as best and productive as it can get.

Morning is that part of the day when your body tells you that it is not impossible to achieve anything. We have fresh thoughts and have a better grasp of reality.

Thus, it is said to be the best time to indulge into fitness activities, and collecting one’s thoughts if you are a diary kind of a person, it is best to jot down your to-dos at this time. Also, take your supplements at this hour, if not mentioned or prescribed otherwise.


  1. Use Reminders


We can be forgetful, especially when it comes to ourselves. When it gets down to keeping track of the health of our loved ones, we are always on our toes, but when it’s about keeping an eye on our health and fitness, most people take it way too casually.

While you are most aware of your bodily needs and structure, it is also you who ignores it the most. The littlest of change and the slightest of pain is felt by us primarily, and then noticed by others.

Even with the changes and alterations, we forget to be cautious about our health. Thus, we need reminders. Be it setting a reminder in your phone or using stick-it notes, a reminder will remind you to be consistent of you might otherwise forget.


  1. Love the Process


While most wait for the moment the result will be achieved, it can never hurt to love the process more.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, it is also not good to kill yourself the whole time. The process has to be amiable and lovable. You need to fancy your diet plan, get into the kind of fitness regime you like, and take supplements that help your body throughout the process, on a consistent basis.

The journey is as important as the destination. After all, more memories are made while you are at it, not once you have achieved it.


  1. Find a Sense of Purpose


Humans are selfish by nature. We need to have desirable incentives in order to carry out a process. Thus, to keep yourself motivated to do what you are doing, you have to keep stating out the purpose to yourself.

For instance, you are a fitness enthusiast but are seeing minimal results from the past few months, you can take the aid of supplements. With a consistent intake of supplements, a closely followed diet plan, and super dedicated workout regime (all of which needs consistency), you will see changes.

But to get yourself into the flow of consistency, find a sense of purpose. You can write it up somewhere you might see it every day, like your laptop or phone screen or put up a poster in your room which states your goal and purpose.


  1. Sleep Tight


Though this point needs consistency in itself, sleeping tight will lead you to have better command over your brain and actions.

With a good night’s sleep, your brain wakes up fresh and healthy, giving you more room to think for yourself and work through processes smoothly. With a consistent good sleep and constantly reminding yourself that, you are bound to create habits that turn into lifestyle.


Habits aren’t built in a day. It takes a lot of commitment and consistency to get to the point where it doesn’t feel like you are doing something specifically. It will just feel like how it is supposed to be and then you’ll know it’s a part of your lifestyle now.

 Did You Know?

It takes 21 days to form a habit. After consistently doing something for three weeks, your body will start resisting it a little less. And once you keep doing it for another three weeks, your body will take it as a permanent change and make room for it.

Now that you know how to be consistent in your life, it is better to start by doing it ASAP, before that thought fades away into oblivion. And anything that you decide to do, just remember to #beconsistent

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