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Healthy Liver is a Happy Life

Throughout our school life, we have read about the vital body organs in our science books. Let us take for example liver. We remember reading it was important and what its primary functions are. However, in spite of reading about it for all those years, we never really seem to remember much about how we should care for it.

We are here to give you an insight into what exactly are the ways best suited to take care of your liver. But before we delve into that pond, we would give you an overlook of the primary functions and importance of liver in brief.

Do you know where our liver is located? Or how large it is? Or how much does it weigh?

You probably won’t remember the answers to these questions. But you should be, as these are some of the few significant ones.

Our liver is located on the right side of the body, almost mid-way between the waist and armpit. And it is as large as 10 cm. And the weight is impressive – 1.4kg – 1.6kg.

The uses of liver can be summed up into three main categories –

(have mentioned Detoxification, storage and synthesis in a chart. It is not appearing here. Will send the word file through mail)

An adage we have all read is – Prevention is better than cure. In the case of the liver, it is perfected suited. The unsurpassed way of fighting liver disease is by avoiding it.

The list below has been carefully curated to give a glimpse as to how to keep liver diseases at bay –

Maintain a Healthy Weight – one of the pre-requisites in avoiding liver diseases is to maintain a balanced and healthy weight. Obesity can lead to a fatty liver, which can become a hub for diseases. So the building step towards a healthier liver is a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise Regularly – This comes in sync with the first point. If you have an unhealthy weight, then you definitely should indulge in a regular workout. In case you do not fall into the overweight category, exercising in that scenario would be beneficial too. It’s good for health, skin, and mind.

Balanced Diet – Diet plays a more significant part in weight loss and maintaining a healthy life in comparison to exercise. Any good gym trainer would also say the same. Overeating is one of the worst conditions seen in people and not realizing when they are full is also harmful.

A protein and fiber rich diet is a must. Avoid carbohydrates and fats as much as possible but do not entirely take them off the plate. A balanced diet means inculcation of each nutrient in a perfectly balanced composition.

Carefully Indulging in Alcohol - Since we are talking about liver, a mention of alcohol is a must. Alcohol, in the most basic explanation, destroys your liver cells and scars it for a lifetime. Different people’s body has different alcohol-consuming capacity. If you are facing issues related to your liver, then put your alcohol consumption at a halt and take the advice of a doctor.

Personal Hygiene – Personal hygiene is the key to good health. With so many bacteria and germs around us, it has become a must to practice good hygiene habits. We know the basics – washing hands with soap before eating, after coming from outside, after using the washroom, preparing food, etc.

However, there are many more habits that should become a part of our routine. One of the most important ones is to indulge in safe sexual intercourse. This is especially to be taken care of in case of multiple sexual partners.

Also, many people are too lenient with their personal products such as razors, nail clippers, toothbrush, etc. It is better to say no than to search for a cure later.


All these are just the root points that should be practiced by each individual and taught to every child since when they are young. In case you feel something is not right with your body, go see a doctor.

And if you want to avoid that scenario, start working on yourself and your liver health now.